Wholesale Flowers Ang Mo Kio Singapore

Wholesale Flowers Ang Mo Kio by FarEastFloraMarket.com with low-prices all-year-round. Get your supply of fresh-cut flowers, foliage and leaves, accessories, dried flowers and preserved flowers directly from Singapore's leading wholesale flower supplier.  Open for trade & retail customers, with no minimum order quantity (MOQ). Delivers Singapore-wide.

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Wholesale Fresh-Cut Flowers

We carry a wide variety of fresh-cut blooms imported from flower farms and flower suppliers worldwide for all your floristry needs.  We are the leading fresh cut flowers in Singapore that supplies to the florist, corporate customers and retail customers.  Among top favourites of fresh-cut flowers include Roses, David Austin Roses, Hydrangeas, Lilies, Tulips, Matthiola, Daisies, Carnation, etc.



Wholesale Foliage and Leaves

To complement your floral arrangement, choose from our range of foliage and leaves to create depths and dimension.  Choose from popular Ivy Leaf, Ferns, Dusty Miller, Eucalyptus, etc.  All at wholesale prices all-year-round.



Floral Accessories

Whether you are a professional florist, an event organiser, wedding planner or a retail customer, we have the right floristry accessories you need.  Create the perfect design with our floral foams (check out the interesting sizes and shapes), scissors, tubes, flower food, etc. Flower food (Chrysal) is important to keep your flowers fresher for a longer period - and we have different sizes to suit your requirements. 



Dried and Preserved Flowers

Both dried flower and preserved flowers have a longer shelf life and are thus a favourite for flower arrangements that require a longer usage time.  Use dried flowers for their durability and preservation qualities. We also carry naturally-preserved flowers that require little maintenance.  Available in a variety of colours and types - take a pick to make a beautiful flower arrangement.



Wholesale Flowers in Ang Mo Kio Singapore

Purchase fresh cut flowers directly from Singapore's leading wholesale flower supplier, FarEastFloraMarket.com.  Previously known as Far East Orchid, FarEastFloraMarket.com has a history that dates back to 1965.  We have been supplying fresh cut flowers to traders, florist, event organisers, wedding planners and retail end consumers at wholesale prices all-year-round.  Now you can purchase all these items from FarEastFloraMarket.com and have it delivered to your doorstep. There is no minimum order quantity to make a purchase, so feel free to choose a bunch of flowers with a bunch of foliage and with the floral accessories, you require to make the flower arrangement you will love.  Check out wholesale roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, carnation, eustoma, peonies, baby breaths, lilies, orchid and more.  We also have seasonal flowers, which are of limited edition during summer, winter, autumn and spring season.  


Fast Delivery Singapore-Wide

Purchase from FarEastFloraMarket.com and have your items delivered to you Singapore-wide from Monday to Saturday.  We do not deliver on Sunday and Public Holidays.  If you are in a rush, we offer same-day delivery for orders received before 11:00am - terms of delivery apply.


Pick-Up Option Available

Self-collection orders can be collected at our premise located at 557 Thomson Road Singapore 298181. Please collect your orders at your chosen date (that you have specified when completing your order).


For Assistance on Ordering Online

If you need assistance, give us a call at +65 6251 5151 or email [email protected]


About FarEastFloraMarket.com

Far East Flora Holding's humble beginning started in 1965.  In 1976, Far East Orchid Pte Ltd was established to focus on wholesale of fresh-cut flowers.  Far East Orchid is the leading wholesale flower company in Singapore, supplying fresh-cut flowers, foliage, dried & preserved flowers and floral accessories to trade and retail customers.  Offering a wide variety of floral products at wholesale and bulk prices all-year-round, Far East Orchid is the preferred supplier for the florist, event planners and organisers, wedding planners, corporate customers and retail customers.  FarEastOrchid.com has since been rebranded to FarEastFloraMarket.com